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Wire, Hose & Tubing Racks
Wire Spool Racks
Wire, Hose & Tubing Dispenser
Part# FK70305
Heavy duty wire spool racks hold spools up to
10” in diameter for storing and dispensing wire.
Heavy duty dispensing cabinet holds up to up to
6 reels of wire, hose or tubing. Interior shelves
keep enclosed reels organized. 1” diameter
grommets in front assure smooth, tangle free
4 tier - Part# FK70310
26-1/8 W x 6” D x 37-1/8 H
19-9/16” W x 7-1/2” D x 13-3/32” H
2 tier - Part# FK70315
26-1/8 W x 6” D x 17-7/8 H
All Items are manufactured with prime cold-rolled steel, interlocking
construction and are finished in gray baked enamel
Hose Clamp Racks
10 Loop Hose Clamp Rack
5 Loop Hose Clamp Rack
Part# FK70290
Part# FK70295
Provides easy access to
adjustable hose clamps
Same style as above with
from mini-clamps up to the
only 5 loops for clamp
2-3/4” diameter #36 clamp.
sizes 40 - 72.
May be countertop or wall
mounted. Sign panel lists
clamp diameters.
23-1/4 W x 5-1/4 D x 16-1/8H
23-1/4 W x 5-1/4 D x 16-1/8H