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These Drawer Cabinets have a reputation for quality construction. They are manufactured with completely
automated tooling to provide uniformity. Only prime cold-rolled steel is used, and finishes are rust and acid
resistant baked enamel.
Vertical supports provide strength, and embossed mounting holes allow the cabinets to be stacked. Drawers
have two runners for smooth, easy travel and are prevented from being accidentally pulled out of the cabinet
by a positive stop.
Drawers for all Drawer Cabinets also feature interlocked design, resulting in unequalled strength. They
have full width handles for easy opening. Drawer sides are slotted on one inch centers to hold dividers. Two
dividers with special snap-in features to hold them in place, are provided with each drawer.
6 Drawer Cabinet
Part # FK70220
33-3/4” W x 11-5/8” D x 4” H
12 Drawer Cabinet
Part # FK70230
33-3/4” W x 11-5/8” D x 7-3/8” H
18 Drawer Cabinet
Part # FK70240
33-3/4” W x 11-5/8” D x 10-7/8” H
Drawer Cabinet Base
Part # FK70250
34” W x 12-1/4” D x 5-3/4” H
Individual Drawers are 5-3/8 W x 11-1/4 D x 2-3/4 H in size
All finished in gray baked enamel