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These Small compartment boxes are
manufactured of high strength, oil resistant
polypropylene, and are furnished with heavy
duty reinforced hinges that have a special
feature which allows the cover to stand up
in the open position. The cover overlaps on
all sides of the box, fitting snuggly against a
shelf-like ledge for extra protection against
dirt, dust and moisture. Two snap latches as-
sure secure closure and prevent parts from
moving between compartments.
11W x 6-3/4D x 1-3/4H
6 Compartment
12 Compartment
18 Compartment
Part # FK70400
Part # FK70410
Part # FK70420
Locking Hinge
Slide Rack for Plastic
Compartment Boxes
Part # FK70430
Part # FK70440
This Rack is manufactured of cold
rolled steel and is finished in du-
rable gray baked enamel. The unit
holds 5 Plastic Compartment Boxes
to create a compact and efficient
small parts storage system. The
The Locking hinge is
versatile rack has been designed
designed to hold boxes
for three way use. Keyhole slots
in place when being
are furnished for wall mounting. A
transported in a moving
handle is provided and bolt holes
vehicle. The hinge may be
permit stacking.
padlocked to provide for
(Plastic Boxes sold separately.)
11-1/4W x 6-3/4D x 10-3/4H